Celebrating Erin Germain's Entreprenurial Leap

“There are a lot of challenges to owning a business which are different than the challenges of starting a business. Now that I’ve done it, I think back to the person who felt that owning a business was this thing that other people did. I realized that they were just people who made the decision and did it, and while it can be difficult at times, it is not impossible. It’s actually very possible… and slightly addicting.”

Prior to starting For Example Media, Erin Germain spent several years working on a number of different projects as a freelance producer . She was ready for a change and thought she wanted more stability. She knew she loved working in branded content and had a passion for helping brands and nonprofits tell their stories. She started looking for a full-time job at a brand or advertising agency. Around the same time, she purchased her own camera to better communicate with her crew on set. She also started conversations with her college friend Jennifer Fernandes, whose background is in PR and marketing, about finding ways to work on projects together. They thought their combined experience was a good fit and did a few small projects on the side to test the waters. The projects were supposed to be part-time while Erin looked for a full-time job. Now, several years and several projects later, Erin owns a thriving business.

For Example Media

Erin’s first leap to launch For Example Media was working with LEGO. When Erin and Jennifer learned they were awarded the business, they were ecstatic! Then reality set in. They needed to book a 12-person crew in Seattle and be ready to shoot within 48 hours. With work and persistence, they pushed through any fear or uncertainty they had to make it a success. Through the hard work and success of the LEGO project, For Example Media officially launched.

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“A very wise former boss of mine said that luck is being prepared when the opportunity presents itself. I think a lot of our success comes from being prepared when an opportunity is presented, then working very hard to make sure the project goes as well as it possibly can.”

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