She Built It Celebrates Dr. Beth Ricanati's Leap

Dr. Beth Ricanati

Dr. Beth Ricanati is the founder of House Calls for Wellness, a social media based content business born from the belief that wellness starts in your home. Beth has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and we should be thankful because she is helping women and their families around the world live healthier lives. House Calls for Wellness provides simple, practical ideas for creating and sustaining a healthy home for you and your family. Dr. Ricanati/Beth posts daily tips on her Instagram (@housecallsforwellness) to promote a healthier lifestyle. Currently, she is writing a book that looks at our homes, room by room, providing a guidebook for women to live healthier lives.

What is Beth’s advice for someone contemplating a career or entrepreneurial leap?

Absolutely do it. It’s so great for you, and it allows you to be a role model. I love that we can keep learning and growing and trying new things.

Beth’s experience as both a women’s health physician at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City and at The Cleveland Clinic, followed by her work as the founding medical director of Lifestyle 180 at the Cleveland Clinic led her to what she is creating today. She found herself having the same conversation over and over again with her patients; daily, she was repeating the same suggestions to make small but life-altering changes in diet and exercise. She quickly realized that she could make a significant difference with women by encouraging them to do very simple things such as eat blueberries, go on a daily walk, try some simple yoga poses, or even behaviors such as regularly changing your toothbrush.

Dr. Beth Ricanati

It was exciting for Beth to see women’s health improve after following what seem to be simple suggestions. Even more exciting is to see the effects these changes arehaving on their families and children. Beth’s biggest challenge initially at Lifestyle 180 was convincing her colleagues that these small changes really made an impact. “When I mentioned significant improvements in our patients’ health when they ate more fruits and practiced yoga, they looked at me like I was crazy.” Beth and her colleagues checked the patients’ labs throughout the program, and, a couple weeks into the program, they saw substantial improvement.

Beth needed a larger platform to share her life-changing suggestions. During this time, she also began to have media opportunities including writing for, created by Drs. Oz and Roizen. She realized that she could help thousands of patients improve their health instead of just a few. “Most of us are trying to lead healthy lifestyles and be good role models for our children. You don’t need to be perfect, just make a few small changes.”

During a particularly cold winter in Cleveland, Ohio, Beth’s husband mentioned he had the opportunity to interview for a position in Los Angeles. Without hesitation, Beth said, “You have to go.” Santa Monica is now home for the Ricanati family. Creating the House Calls For Wellness has allowed her to pick up on the west coast right where she left off. “We only get one chance at this rodeo. If you want something, go get it. Period.”

House Calls For Wellness

She Built It Celebrates Dr. Beth Ricanati’s success. Cheers to you, Beth.

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