Celebrating Roberta Kung's Entrepreneurial Leap

As a physician’s daughter, Roberta Kung found early inspiration in the medical field. This Inspiration was further strengthened by the example that her pediatrician set as an accomplished woman with an innate joy for caring. With disciplined focus Roberta pursued the path before her becoming a well respected physician in a thriving private anesthesiology practice and a married mother of three. She had it all. Yet despite finding satisfaction in work and delighting in her family, she realized that her lifestyle did not reflect the direction she wanted to go.

Becoming a mother had caused something inside her to shift. She began to question her contributions to society and to think about what she could do for her children and the next generation. Roberta wanted more and she could no longer ignore the drive to explore what that “more” could be for her. It was this journey in self-discovery that led her to new insights that would pave the way for her bold Leap.

She found the discipline and focus that helped her forge professional achievements had caused her to turn blinders to her interests outside of medicine. When she gave herself permission to feed her curiosity, she began to see the world through a new lens. Roberta learned the heart of her joy was the the connection she developed with her patients. These shared moments often made the largest impact, and she felt there had to be a way to extend them.This is where her creative journey began to take form. Roberta felt a powerful pull guided by the inner voice that had been kept silent for so long. She knew her time to Leap was approaching.

Leading up to the leap I felt a sense of angst, extreme exhaustion and a loss of who I was and more importantly where I was going.

Roberta’s Leap did not happen without thoughtful consideration and planning. Growing up in a traditional Chinese household, she needed to feel she was leaping from stable ground. In building this foundation, she had slowly changed her approach to her business, clients and even her own life. Roberta made gratitude a daily practice. She ensured she felt financially secure. She made backup plans. She tested the waters. She centered herself around intentional living, and when her young children were a little older, she steadied herself and followed her newly acknowledged passions all the way to the launch of GiftedTaste.

Roberta had found caring, connections and gratitude the answer in her own life, and she wanted to offer this gift to the world. Through GiftedTaste she’s able to share meaningful gifted experiences, carefully curated to lavish recipients with an evening of pampering as an embodiment of the gifter’s intentions. She hopes the experiences will inspire shared moments not only for the recipients, but for the gifters who will be a part of the journey when retold and relived.

Roberta Kung Founder & CEO, GiftedTaste with Chef Timothy Hollingsworth of Otium and French Laundry.

Roberta Kung Founder & CEO, GiftedTaste with Chef Timothy Hollingsworth of Otium and French Laundry.

A desire to take a leap begins with hearing your inner voice, so take your time listening, then make a decision to honor the voice that tells you to take action

As the founder and CEO of the GiftedTaste Roberta is now energized, rejuvenated and most importantly present. She lives every day with a heightened sense of appreciation for all of the people and events that brought her to the life she is living today. And the hope she’s been able to gift even a taste of that back to those around her.

Open your heart to gratitude and humility – you always have more space for this! And then….pay it forward.

She Built It celebrates your Leap. Cheers to you, Roberta Kung!

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