The She Built It Podcast with Melanie & Dr. Michele

Hi there! As career women, living in a 'right now' multitasking society it is more important than ever to feel supported, understood, and genuinely connected. We believe you deserve all of this and more.

This is why we - Melanie Barr, the founder of She Built It, and Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland, a clinical psychologist, professor, and author came together to create - The She Built It Podcast with Melanie & Dr. Michele.

We know you are busy and at the same time want to make significant progress - we hear you! During your drive, a workout, or morning coffee, invite us into your car, gym, home, or office, every Tuesday for 15-20 minutes a week to share career success stories - the challenges and wins - from us and our incredible guests. We share growth and progress tips to help you leap higher, further, and faster. When we see a successful woman, especially one with personal fulfillment and joy, we want to know how she did it. We take you behind the scenes of growth and progress to fuel your next leap - big or small.